International Architecture Festival CANactions

Atelier NEA was invited to the International and interdisciplinary workshop in the framework of the 10th International Architecture Festival CANactions 2017. The workshop aimed to elaborate  spatial development scenarios for Mystetskyi Arsenal. National Cultural-Arts and Museum Complex 'Mystetskyi Arsenal' is a large-scale cultural project of national and international importance in the historic center of Kyiv.
The Arsenal was originaly built as the factory for repair, manufacture, and storage of weapons. It was built in 1783-1801 according to the project by Lieutenant-General Ivan Meller. The Old Arsenal Building is a national monument situated on the territory of the Old Kyiv-Pechersk fortress. The research process and results are presented in the CANactions publication:

CURATOR | Mirjam Niemeyer, Helsinki Zürich Office GmbH

With Future Architecture Platform Call for ideas 2017 selected participants & tutors - Fani Kostourou,Adriana Pablos,Víctor Cano Ciborro 

TEAM | Odile Compagnon,Nathalie Eldan,Claire Laude,Simone Ierardi,Rob Brink,Oleksandra Khalepa,Radu Vit,Victoria Gonzales-Aller,Yuliia Buria,Samuel Iuri,Henrietta Hmenya,Mariia Rastvorova,Mateja Rot Kranj,Ceren Tekin,Yevheniia Likhachova,Oleksandra Davydenko,Ana Grigolia,Dmytro Tereshchenko,Samko Alina,Danylo Olkhovyk


TYPOLOGY | Research, Urban strategy

Photo credit: Андрей Михайлов

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