NEA | Nathalie Eldan Architecture is a Paris based international studio for architecture, research and urban strategies.

The atelier operates on the entire spectrum of architecture from building and urban design to ephemeral interventions, interior design, scenography and research, developing projects with an ethical approach to territory, society and environment. The atelier challenges conventions and scales while applying a people focused design. NEA investigates the sensitive interface between the public space, the built environment and the people as an infinite dialectic, as an extension of nature. Although architecture appears stable by its solidity and immobility it is in fact fluctuant due to social, cultural, economical and environmental conditions all circumnavigating at the perimeter of the practice.

Architecture is always an act, one which makes us think and feel, through space we can take position, transform and impact. As an atelier every project regardless of scale is developed with a tailored design resulting from an understanding of context, program needs and budget constraints, all of which yield innovative architectural solutions. As young creatives we love to experiment and explore the unknown, adopt an out of the box way of thinking. Complex challenges always engages the atelier as it maintains its control over the entire process. Every project is a unique instrument of investigation into details, materials and narrative. Methodology, experience, enthusiasm and ad-hoc multidisciplinary collaborations perpetually nourish the atelier's work - committed to high quality and durability.

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